Reksadana usually far more transparent than the existing product investment in the link unit. Typically, mutual funds customers can easily find out information such as historical development of the investment, risk, asset allocation, management fees and so forth. Meanwhile, in the link unit, is often difficult to obtain information related to the investment managers and their cost and performance. Most insurance agents are usually more berkutat illustrated in the abstract without clearly notifying forming parameters are illustrated. Moreover, prospective customers who do not have a common benchmark for assessing the adequate quality of illustration is given by.

Link on the product units have more variables that play a role. This makes the illustrations provided by insurance providers to be very complicated, especially for potential borrowers who do not know insurance and / or mutual funds. If the prospective customer is not sharp enough in analyzing the illustrations given, may not have akan invisible costs that were not by the potential customer. Not infrequently, these costs in mind this new client the first time obtained from the policy, or even when the cost is charged to the customer.

Link on the unit, will be very difficult for potential borrowers to compare one service unit link insurance unit link with other services because the system used can be much different. Comparing two or more insurance services are usually complicated enough without having to dicekcoki with a wide range of investment matters of fact that does not really separate the insurance.

With a separate insurance and mutual funds, the calculation should be performed by the customer will be far more transparent and simple.