Work in the financial and banking sector

Financial advisers give people advice on how to spend their money and how to manage their money for both short and long term savings and investment plans. Financial advisers act either directly in contact with individuals either hold seminars or presentations in order to solicit more customers. They typically manage many clients simultaneously and met with several clients on a daily basis. She helps clients to make sense of financial terminology and information, and help them to stay up to date with financial matters such as, for example, the stock market. A financial consultant must clearly communicate, problems can easily solve this, you will enjoy working with numbers, and be willing to work evenings.

Auditors examine and level of the financial statements of an organization to ensure that the accounts of the true financial position of the business and reflects that the procedures followed is correct. Audits are sometimes for several other reasons for running, for example, during salary reviews, or to provide financial data to examine for signs of corruption or other illegal activities. Due to their specific training, auditors can perform many other services, such as advice to clients about their tax or estate beplanningsportefeuljes. Auditors should be enjoyed by people and having the ability to see the results of their work is to accurately communicate. Many auditors have immense besigheidskennis and thus it is not uncommon for them to have their own businesses to open.

Kredietkontroleurs keep debiteursgrootboek a company stand to ensure that all revenue owed are received correctly and realize it is given. This work often involves contacting customers who are unable to pay their debts, or refusing to do so. It is written, telephone or through personal visits made. If controllers efforts are not successful, they may account to a collection agency or referring a lawyer to appoint legal action against the client to take. In this type of work, it is important to establish good customer relationships to maintain. A pleasing personality and appearance, and the ability to properly speak and write is essential. Because credit controllers sometimes have to claim payment for overdue accounts, this work can be stressful. A credit controller must have the ability to tactfully but firmly to be, when their clients with difficult to do.

A Boekhouer is someone who posts all of the organization's financial transactions take. They take such entries of accounts by tabulate expenses, debits and credits by mail, produce financial statements, and preparing reports and summaries for supervisors and managers before. They keep a record of profits and losses, and preparing for bank deposits. They can also deal with wages, make purchases, prepare invoices for and keep an eye on overdue accounts. Bookkeepers must be computer proficient with all the data to calculate and record. They should be thorough and precise, orderly and detail-skilled in order to avoid mistakes and errors committed by others, get to see them corrected. It is also of utmost importance that an accountant discreet and reliable, they are often confidential company documents are in touch. Because every day Bookkeepers berekings many do, they must also have a good understanding of numbers have.

Chartered Accountancy is a challenging and lucrative career in an economically developing country like ours. A Chartered Accountant (CA / CA) to analyze and evaluate financial information within an organization, and take decisions based on this information is. A GR audit a company's financial statements to ensure that the business is an accurate report of its financial position shows. Customers can from private individuals to large organizations like banks vary. Some areas of specialization in this area include auditing, taxation, charges and lawsuits in. It's to be expected from GR, to be aware of ever-changing tax laws to keep up. A CA must be honest and trustworthy, but they enjoyed working with people, have good communication skills, a team player, and have the ability to obstacles and setbacks to overcome.

A Credit Clerk handles the process of loan applications by information forms to confirm. Large portions of the day on the internet or phone for information deurgebing by kredietburos, banks or credit institutions to obtain credit from private individuals or businesses who apply for credit, to adopt. Basic credit control clerk, the applicant's credit history to ensure that there is a good possibility that the client the money he borrowed, will be refunded. Billing and reconciliation can also be part of a credit clerk's duties include. Good telephone etiquette, attention to detail and excellent organisasionele and computer skills in this type of work required.

an economist doing research on such issues as inflation, interest rates, exchange rates, taxes, or werksvlakke. Economists estimate methods and procedures needed to collect data, they analyzed the data; they monitor economic trends and develop forecasts. an economist who prepares reports for tables on the results of the survey include, and their present economic and statistical theories in an understandable and logical manner. Economists may in specific areas such as microeconomics, industrial economics, financial economics or ekonometries specialize. Economists often work alone when writing reports, preparing tables of statistics, but sometimes it also works as a research team. a tendency for mathematics and written communication skills are required in this profession.

A Shares or Effektemakelaar is someone who invests for clients handled by financial markets to frost and keep customers informed about their investments. The customers are private individuals, companies or large organizations. The broker buys and sells shares and other financial products with the aim to make the best profits for his clients to obtain. Most of the negotiating to find the phone or the Internet instead. This work places many pressures on the person and is not meant for someone who is not indecisive. Agencies must be independent and ontledend thinks, and speed is always essential. Unnecessary mistakes in this profession can be very damaging consequences ..