False Positives

I approached a text he wrote a friend especially for the blog. Thanks MP


Reading a recent article published in a newspaper, I think I found the correct definition of a problem I've been looking a few years ago.

The definition of "false positives" arises in the context of Colombia guerrillas currently suffering, where it is called "positive" those interventions on the Colombian guerrilla army when deaths occur after a clash of FARCS side.

Colombian journalism called "false positive" to the deaths that occur while apparently in a clash took place in a fictitious assembly by the Colombian military, which according to the press of that country have been murders, simulating deaths " legal "in clashes.

Thus the army "is noted" some "positive" getting more state money, licenses, awards, among other benefits.

Has come to light a case where it is believed that the army executed a young peasant, bringing the forest deceived, dressing in clothing similar to FARCS and doing carrying a gun (on the right hand when the boy was left-handed).

This implementation, as part of a number of "false positives" presumably occurs by the pressure of President Uribe, on the high command of the army, where at the same time these derive the pressure (and the incentive system) to reach the soldiers in the jungle.

According to the idea that I wish to develop and given to buy (across distances) in companies we can find many "false positives".

That is, acts which a priori appear to be positive, but behind them lies a deceptive act, a reality opposed to the objective.

For example we can see in many service companies, such as service sellers generally high in terms of achieving its objectives (and they are paid), but then given to low netear high we are the "positive" results negative, since the high casualties have been consumed in the service. Due to investigate we find that many have been high false duplication of clients, family income, among other gadgets.

Are these vendors fully guilty? Surely in many but not forget that their mode of action depends largely on the incentive scheme to which this subject and the degree of pressure applied on them.
Many times we are facing over-ambitious goals that seem impossible, it provides the marketing muscle of little tools. If we add to this dictatorial management style, the threat of dismissal or an excessive commission of high sales, we get the more often an accumulation of false positives.