How to Make Your Own Web Hosting

I want to share to all of you about my experience in choosing web hosting maybe you can learn something from it. I have had bad experience when choosing web hosting; the most important thing aspect of buying web host is service. If there is something wrong, you should have blind trust on your web host company, if not you probably get trouble in the future. If you are using a special features like PHP GD for automatic image resizing for example, you should ask the web host company first whether they support that and which version. Otherwise you might get problems like I have had. My name has a link to the experience I have had with web host companies, but the conclusion is that the customer service is very important. Don’t go for the lowest price but for the best service because early or late, you are going to need it.

If you want to be more professional, I want to give you options, you can try to go with your self-hosting or web hosting. If you have two computers, the first computer you can use to convert it into a Linux server. You have to understand what kind of the operating system you picked manages of your network, updates, and hosting abilities. For the second computer that can be switch over to a web server if you run into server problems. I think you need a friend who have own quad-core server; he can help you if you need to balance traffic loads from your server or redirect your traffic if you’re having network problems. To note, I’m never had server problems and rarely have internet down time. This self-hosting can seam complicated or risky, but I believe that you can manage it all with a click a one button and simple form. All of this you have to pay for is electricity and internet access.