They Are Interesting Too

In an exhibition usually we always make attention in trade show display and our booth. We decorate our booth with very interesting ways and hope the visitor will attract and want to come to our booth.

Well, there’s something missing here. You have to watch trade show flooring and trade show carpet aspects. Most people don’t realize that actually the floor keeps the main aspects in your exhibition. What if the floor is slipper and make your customer feel uncomfortable with your booth? They must be discouraged their urge to buy their product.

As a variation, you can put logo mats in your floor and state that this is your booth. Use unique symbols so your customer will not forget it and remember your store by remembering your logo. You can also use logo canopy to make your booth stands out.

Don’t use rubber floor because it will make your customer uncomfortable. Consider what kind of material you use to decorate your booth is really important because it’s about comfort ability of your staff and also your customer. Choosing soft floor for your booth is a great idea to welcoming your customer and also makes a great first impression to your customer.